pondělí 25. dubna 2016

Some accessories

It´s time to make some accessories for the vignette.

Two pots are scratchbuild. Heated piece of clear plastic was stretched against a hand-made matrix (pieces of plastic sprues). Handles are made from a thin copper wire. The figure is from A. C. Stadden.

The wooden water container is produced by "Miniatur": Wooden water container
It´s very nice resin product. It´s very cheap (less than 0,5 EUR for 1 piece). It was painted with AK´s "Old and weathered wood paint set no. 1" and Lifecolor´s rust colours. The steel band was finished using Wilder´s pigments.

Painted and weathered pots.

2 komentáře:

  1. Those pots look so realistic!


  2. Thank you for comment Peter. It´s easier than it looks. Just a little practice.