středa 7. října 2020

H0f micro layout in progress - Part 2 (Engine shed)

 Now I´m working on a small engine shed. I modelled the interior partially too.

The doors are injected plastic parts from "Tichy train group".

čtvrtek 1. října 2020

H0f micro layout in progress - Part 1

 I started to work on this project in march 2020.

Because I'm a beginner I started with a very simple track plan.

Instead of original BUSCH track I used ROKUHAN Z scale sectional track. BUSCH track include a central magnetic strip hidden between the rails for greater adhesion. I placed two layers of self-adhesive metallic sheets under the ROKUHAN track. The adhesion is not as great as with the original track, but for my purpose it´s enough. 

Now it´s time for test ride.

        The very basic shape of the layout.

 Another test ride...

        The landscape is taking a shape.