pondělí 5. března 2012

Vignette for RTW Russians - tutorial - part 1


here is a 1st part of tutorial about building of vignette for RTW Russian infantrymen.
Pictures tell you more....

The basic "box" is made from balsa wood (thickness 4 mm). The plate at the bottom are two boards glued together to reach the desired thickness.

The basic shape of rock is made from styrodur. It´s fixed with pins at this stage.

Now, it´s fixed with glue-gun. 

Does it fit together.....???

Now it´s time to apply a thick "stone coat". I used mixture of gypsum, PVA glue, fine sand (IKEA) and saw-dust and water, of course. The mixture must be dense. Yes I know, it looks terrible at this stage :-)

Now, it´s "carved" with various chisels, files, sandpapers.... This is not the end. Some places must be carved again and some places must be repaired (blue marked areas). Be careful when using chisels. I hurt my finger with it. It´s infernal pain !!!!! 

Lethal tools :-))