neděle 27. listopadu 2011

US Infantry in greatcoats - part 1


I want to show you my latest work. These fantastic sculpted figures are produced by Empress miniatures. These are the best bods I´ve ever seen.

sobota 12. listopadu 2011

Angry Vasilij and his comrades

These fantastic figures are produced by Plastic soldier company. It´s a real pleasure to paint them. They have beautiful details, easily recognizable facial expressions and and..... If you see them on your workbench, you fall in love with them.

neděle 30. října 2011

HäT - British artillery - WWI


after a longer break I´m here with some "black lined" figures. Today HäT´s British artillery crew and QF 45 howitzer. They will be set in a small vignette later.

čtvrtek 6. října 2011

New arrivals - part 2

These minis arrived to me from CP Models just two days ago.
1) Finnish soldiers - CP models - 20 mm WWII

2) Americans - TQD castings

These Americans in greatcoats are from Empress miniatures (20 mm WWII range).
Thanks to Paul for reminding me the producer of these fantastic and highly detailed figures.