sobota 27. srpna 2011

German paratroopers in Italy - vignette

I decided to make a small vignette for my German paratroopers in tropical uniforms. I used extruded polystyrene for the first time. It´s very good material. The greatest advantage of this material is, that you can engrave various texture to it, using simple tools (pencil). There is no dust, which is typical for example when you work with gypsum. There is one disadvantage too... You can´t use synthetic based colours for painting, weathering etc.

So here we go...

Stones are engraved with pencil. I started with paving...

Engraving is finished :-)

Everything (wall, paving) is covered with several layers of highly diluted gypsum putty. It gives a better look to the stone wall and paving. Wall and paving is painted with base colour.

Then I continued with painting the paving and the stone wall. I used various shades of  acrylics (yellow, beige, brown). I use Pactra colours. The paving is photographed during the process of weathering. I use synthetic based colours usually, but if you work with extruded polystyrene, you have to use water based paint. I used school water paints (mix of black and dark brown).

Now it´s time to start with the vegetation.

That´s all for this moment.

středa 24. srpna 2011

New arrivals

They were on my wishlist for a long time :-)

See the guy in the second row - third from left. Don´t you think, that the ammunition is a little bit oversized? When I compare the diameter of the projectile and the diameter of the gun´s barrel........ :-(

 And, of course, some opponents for Russians.

Yesterday a box of Plastic soldier company´s Russian WWII infantry in summer uniform was delivered to me. They look fantastic. It´s my first set from this company. Figures have very realistic poses and nice details. Maybe their heads are a little bit bigger, but I can live with it :-)

pondělí 22. srpna 2011


Hello smallscale modelling fans.
Welcome to my modelling blog. I want to show you some tips which I´m using when modelling figures, AFV´s and vignettes.
I hope, that you find here some useful informations.

P.S.: Maybe you know me from Benno´s figures community as Alois Nebel