sobota 18. února 2012

What´s behind the wall

Yes, I know, the composition is very similar to the previous vignette, but I could not resist :-)

neděle 12. února 2012

Rubble added

I added a rubble from the collapsed wall. I used pigments fixed with "pigment fixer" to simulate mortar.

sobota 11. února 2012

středa 1. února 2012

Lost landscapes

Available here:

Book about defenses in Italy (Campania region). Full of scale plans of bunkers and high quality B/W photos. Yes, it´s quite expensive, but it´s a "must have" for fans of bunkers and fortifications.

Model buildings masterclass

I bought this fantastic "How to" book from here: Railmags for only 10,89 EUR. This book is not available in shops nowadays. You can buy only used ones. Much, much more expensive than my copy :-))