pondělí 26. února 2024

Work train wagons (H0e) - Part 1

I would like to show you my latest creations.
These wagons are all scratchbuilt on well known ROCO H0e chassis.
They will be a part of planned work train.

Wooden dropside open wagon

Wagon for the foreman

středa 8. června 2022

H0e Modular layout

 A few months ago I started to build modular layout in H0e.

All modules will be stored in IKEA´s HÅBOL boxes.

I started with three "narrow type" modules. Two such modules will be stored in one box.

neděle 27. prosince 2020

The end of working day - H0 (1/87) scale diorama

These Christmas I decided not to start a new project, as usual. 

I think a better idea is to complete projects started in recent years.

this one was started in april 2018.

úterý 3. listopadu 2020

H0f micro layout in progress - Part 4

 I managed to continue working on my layout during short autumn holidays.

The engine shed was weathered and a nice stovepipe from Grandt Line was added.

Next building is the small wooden shed.