pondělí 9. září 2013

My first 15 mm scene - WIP 4

A little progress. Next door are finished.

After basic painting and chipping

Dust, rust and dirt added...

Walls added

úterý 3. září 2013

My first 15 mm scene - WIP 3

A little progress..

Some windows made from Evergreen profiles and clear plastic

Painted with "buff" colour to simulate wood

Treated with AK Heavy chipping fluid

Then painted with white colour. The white colour was then "chipped" using toothpick and an old brush with hard hair.

After chipping the window was weathered with AK wash. Some white highlights were added (drybrush with oil colour)

And new doors made from plasticard and Evergreen profiles

středa 28. srpna 2013

My first 15 mm scene - WIP 2

Ladies and gentlmen,...... and now,.... THE DOORS :-)

And now the modelling. Thesen doors are made of styrene sheets (Evergreen), painted with acrylics (Vallejo, Lifecolor) and weathered with AK Interactive products (dark wash, chipping medium) and oil colours.

pondělí 26. srpna 2013

My first 15 mm scene - WIP 1

I have decided to built my first 15 mm scene. No war, no bombs...... Only a peaceful scene from the sleepy corner of the city. This scene is set into beginining of the 20th century.
I was inspired with a photo from a book about Prague´s Jewish ghetto :Zmizelá Praha - 3 / Vanished Prague - 3

neděle 17. března 2013

What if..... Germany invaded Great Britain in 1946

"What if" category vignette in 1/72 scale. 
Figures: TQD Castings - 20 mm TQD alternative WWII range
Bunker: scratchbuilt. The original bunker was built in Great Britain, Norfolk, Feltwell (airport). It´s DFW 3/26 design
Sources: Mike Osborne, Pillboxes of Great Britain and Ireland, The History Press, 2008, ISBN: 978-0-7524-4329-4

Step by step of the process of scratchbuilding the bunker will be added later.

Enjoy the pictures, I hope you like them.