neděle 13. listopadu 2016

Tool shed - finished

After many, many months I´ve managed to finish this project...
Scale: 1/76
Figure: Andrew C. Stadden

You can find SBS in older posts...

neděle 28. srpna 2016

Factory in a box - part 001

After a short brake caused by a broken elbow I´m back to modelling.
This project will be in 1/87 scale. It will be a section of a production hall. The model will be set into a shadowbox.
I was inspired with a photo of hall no. 19 of PRAGA company. It was built between 1938 and 1942 for Junkers company. The hall has a very interesting construction, so called "schalensheddach".
For some details see: Schalensheddach - Schweiz and Praga Automobilfabrik

The inspiration came from this photo:

Source: Zmizela Praha - Tovarny a tovarni haly 1, K. Beckova, Prague, 2011

Sometimes you need a little help :-)