neděle 27. listopadu 2011

US Infantry in greatcoats - part 1


I want to show you my latest work. These fantastic sculpted figures are produced by Empress miniatures. These are the best bods I´ve ever seen.

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  1. Like them all, only those faces... ;-)

  2. I like them! Very nice painted figures!

    @Remco: the faces that's because they are chewing gum :-)


  3. Excellent. I haven't seen this range before

  4. I love it, this new approach at painting figures looks really cool in the end, I'm happy it works for you. One of these days you will have to start sculpting your own figure and sell small resin sets of bunker+figure :))

    Sidenote: You should consider changing the settings of your blogger account to english, so the buttons and general information shows up in english instead of czech (can't remember if you're czech or polish, sorry).

  5. Hello Francisco,

    thanks for comment. It´s a big dream of mine to sculpt my own figures. I have many ideas for original poses, but I don´t have the necessary artistic sense.
    I tried to change the language on my blog, but it changes the interface only. Buttons for replies etc... are still in Czech.
    Yes I´m Czech, of course :-))

  6. Really well paintjob.
    I have do the same, see my figures here :