středa 27. dubna 2016

More accessories

The rabbit-hurch. Only a few details are missing (doors, drain, corrugated iron roof)

Wooden crates for fruits and vegetables. The bigger one consists of 15 parts. All is made from Evergreen styrene strips.

pondělí 25. dubna 2016

Some accessories

It´s time to make some accessories for the vignette.

Two pots are scratchbuild. Heated piece of clear plastic was stretched against a hand-made matrix (pieces of plastic sprues). Handles are made from a thin copper wire. The figure is from A. C. Stadden.

The wooden water container is produced by "Miniatur": Wooden water container
It´s very nice resin product. It´s very cheap (less than 0,5 EUR for 1 piece). It was painted with AK´s "Old and weathered wood paint set no. 1" and Lifecolor´s rust colours. The steel band was finished using Wilder´s pigments.

Painted and weathered pots.

neděle 10. dubna 2016

New project - SBS - part 6


A small corner of the vignette will be paved with cobble stones. The are made from feather board.


The sharp edges of the cobbles are improved by compressing them between fingers.

Cobbles were glued with dense PVA

Two layers of highly diluted gypsum  putty (something like onetime putty) were applied

The basic colour

Each cobble was painted separately with Vallejo acrylics.

Black - brown acrylic wash

Pigments were applied with fine brush to all gaps between cobbles

Green pigment added

I used FIBA laser cut product for a fence. Posts are made from spruce strips.

Some steel fittings were added (aluminium foil, hypodermic needle)

Weathered wood (AK´s weathered wood acrylics set)

After the hairspray technique

Weathering with washes and oil colours (AK´s weathered wood and slimy grime green washes, Payne´s grey oil)

Test fitting

Some areas were re-painted with very fine brush.

I started with the brick paving too. The procedure is the same as with cobble stones.

neděle 3. dubna 2016

New project - SBS - part 5

The base plate for the vignette (plywood)

I tried the mix of ballotini and highly diluted PVA glue for adding the texture to the stones and concrete parapet. The results are very good. Don´t buy the overpriced products from Andrea etc... You can buy 0,5 kg microballs (ballotini) for 1/10 of the price of the Andrea´s product.

The mix of ballotini and diluted PVA was applied on the retaining wall. The tubes are from cotton applicators.

Mr. Surfacer was prayed over the whole surface

The basic painting

After acrylic wash and highlighting with oils

The mortar is a mix of pigments (AK042 and MIG P054). It was fixed with pigment fixer. As you can see, the nice colour variations of the stones dissappered. I overdid the washes and pigments. But the result is still very nice and I won´t  paint the wall again. I will be cleverer in the future.

The second highlighting with oils.

The retaining wall and drain are now fixed to the base plate.

The tarpaulin is simulated with paper tissue soaked with diluted PVA.

Basic painting of tarpaulin. It needs some highlighting and weathering. The patches of newer tarpaulin are sealed with tar on their perimeter. I simulated tar with mix of dense PVA and Tamiya´s X1 black. It has snot - like consistency, which is perfect for this purpose. I applied it with a toothpick.