neděle 10. dubna 2016

New project - SBS - part 6


A small corner of the vignette will be paved with cobble stones. The are made from feather board.


The sharp edges of the cobbles are improved by compressing them between fingers.

Cobbles were glued with dense PVA

Two layers of highly diluted gypsum  putty (something like onetime putty) were applied

The basic colour

Each cobble was painted separately with Vallejo acrylics.

Black - brown acrylic wash

Pigments were applied with fine brush to all gaps between cobbles

Green pigment added

I used FIBA laser cut product for a fence. Posts are made from spruce strips.

Some steel fittings were added (aluminium foil, hypodermic needle)

Weathered wood (AK´s weathered wood acrylics set)

After the hairspray technique

Weathering with washes and oil colours (AK´s weathered wood and slimy grime green washes, Payne´s grey oil)

Test fitting

Some areas were re-painted with very fine brush.

I started with the brick paving too. The procedure is the same as with cobble stones.

2 komentáře:

  1. Excellent made fence!


  2. Very nice work, the shaped ends on the fence planks really make it pop