neděle 17. března 2013

What if..... Germany invaded Great Britain in 1946

"What if" category vignette in 1/72 scale. 
Figures: TQD Castings - 20 mm TQD alternative WWII range
Bunker: scratchbuilt. The original bunker was built in Great Britain, Norfolk, Feltwell (airport). It´s DFW 3/26 design
Sources: Mike Osborne, Pillboxes of Great Britain and Ireland, The History Press, 2008, ISBN: 978-0-7524-4329-4

Step by step of the process of scratchbuilding the bunker will be added later.

Enjoy the pictures, I hope you like them.


6 komentářů:

  1. Fantastic vignette! Top groundwork and bunker. Great painted figures. All in all a top work.


  2. nice work! but of course what all these 1946 scenarios fail to take into account it the new British Centurion tank which was has not been described as "one of the most successful Cold War-era tank designs for the west" for nothing... The Germans would have got passed the bunkers only to find themselves up against some very angry British tankers in their new nasty tanks.

    still very nice scene, and let us be thankful that this scenario never came to pass.

  3. Thanks for positive feedback boys :-)


  4. Very nice work, great pictures and the ground is wonderful!