neděle 27. března 2016

New project - SBS - part 4

Planning the vignette

Primitive mould for retaining wall
(polystyrene foam blocks fixed together with gluegun)

Casting the wall. I used resin plaster from Gedeo.

The result is very rough casting

The stones are roughly marked with pencil

And now.... back to basics. Working with plaster after a long, long time.

Some tools

Some tools

Another moulds for accessories )concrete parapet for the retaining wall and concrete drain)

It´s always good to keep pieces of feather board for million purposes...... In this case for making the mould.

Preparing for the casting

Plaster was poured into moulds

I toned the excess plaster with various pigments. This will be crushed later nad used for the loose plaster which fell down from the backwall of the shed.

Test fitting

Test fitting

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