sobota 12. května 2012

Vignette for RTW Russians - tutorial - part 4

The groundwork is finished. Now I´m working on the melted snow. I use László Adóba´s method (powder sugar, PVA+water, soda bicarbona).

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  1. awsome. love the look of the whole thing. very nice snow to

  2. Looks real good! Powder sugar to make snow? Never heard about that!


  3. To Peter:

    Hello Peter, you can find this technique of making snow in László Adóba´s book "Let´s build a diorama II".
    See the sample page number 4

    It´s very easy method to produce melting snow. Apply PVA thinned with water, put a few piles of powdered sugar on it. Wait until the sugar is soaked with glue. Apply several layers to achieve desired thickness of "snow". At the end put a little soda bicarbona on top of it. The result is semi-permanent snow (greyish) with a rest of white snow on top.
    Then use a gloss varnish to simulate streaking water.