neděle 28. srpna 2016

Factory in a box - part 001

After a short brake caused by a broken elbow I´m back to modelling.
This project will be in 1/87 scale. It will be a section of a production hall. The model will be set into a shadowbox.
I was inspired with a photo of hall no. 19 of PRAGA company. It was built between 1938 and 1942 for Junkers company. The hall has a very interesting construction, so called "schalensheddach".
For some details see: Schalensheddach - Schweiz and Praga Automobilfabrik

The inspiration came from this photo:

Source: Zmizela Praha - Tovarny a tovarni haly 1, K. Beckova, Prague, 2011

Sometimes you need a little help :-)

pondělí 27. června 2016

Some inspiration - part 02

Container for graphite vaseline. The vaseline was used for lubrication of iron rope on a large earth excavator.

úterý 31. května 2016

Terrain - part 1

The terrain around the shed was covered with a mix of fine sand, PVA glue, water and plaster. It was painted with acrylics, shaded with acrylic washes and finished with pigments. The next step will be covering the terrain with static grass, fallen leaves etc...